The Lord is With You......

I felt led to just exhort you today. The Lord wants you to know that He has been with you, is with you and will forever be with you.

In The Word we see that The Lord encourages His people that He has been, is, and will be, ever active in their lives. The Word says of Abraham that He has prospered him, continued to prosper him until he became exceedingly prosperous.

The word tells us that Jesus has delivered us, is delivering us, and will yet deliver us again. God chose us before the foundations of the world, Jesus saved us, and The Holy Spirit sealed us and remains with us, until the day of the purchased possession, which is YOU.

Jesus was, is, and forever will be King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

The Bible declares that In the beginning was The WORD,  The WORD was with God , The WORD was God.....The WORD became flesh and dwelt among us as Jesus. Jesus said behold I am with you forevermore!

Everything, including YOU, was made BY Him, FOR Him, and THROUGH  Him!

God has declared the end from the beginning in your life!! He has purposed a plan for your life. When you seek Him and walk in it. He will bring it to pass!!!

Fear not, Worry not, Fret not!! He cares for you greatly. Trust Him. He is Faithful!!

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