Times of Pruning-Times of Pain

Have you ever found yourself pruned back once again to the ground,when you were sure that the time of great growth had arrived?

It is a painful and dangerous time in the life of a Christian, when he comes off an emotional and spiritual high, full of power and light, ready to take on the world and enter into his destiny: Only to come face to face with another season of pruning, and to be cut back to nothing.

Emotionally it can be devastating to think you are on the edge of destiny, only to step into the fog of nothingness and the drizzle of the same road that puts out the flame.

So what is a Christian to do? Give up? Get mad? Lash out at the ones we have been placed under to grow?

Sometimes you just have to let the cleansing tears flow. Get quiet, and trust The Lord to restore vision and flame, to the passion that was just there,yet seems like a distant memory.

You have to trust that The Lord didn't allow the pruning to hurt you or take away the joy in your heart. He allowed it because He saw something great,just as you did in the time that you just came out of...And He wants to make it even better, for you and His Kingdom!

Until then just put your head on the chest of Jesus and listen for His instruction and Comfort.

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