There is something about this painting that stirs my spirit man.
The Apostels were real men. They lived real lives. They walked in the real
power of God! Oh my fellow Christian, cant you see the damage religious tradition has done?

God is speaking, are you listening to Him?

Do you really discern the time we are in? Soon the answer to that will be made very clear to you and those around you. You will know whether you have a living faith, in a Risen Lord, or whether you have a religious belief, no different than a follower of Islam, Buddism, Hinduism etc. Do you serve the only Son of The Living God? Or the traditions of a religous system? Many will know the answer to that soon. Is Jesus Christ who He said He is? The only way, The Only Truth? Oh Jeremiah spoke of this time well. It is time for all lies to be revealed that have poisoned the True Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is time for the foolishness of man to be cast away and for The ressurection power of Jesus Christ to be revealed and demonstrated on the earth! Just like the early church. Real men of God moving in signs and wonders. God reaching through them performing miracles in The Name of His Glorious SON JESUS! For His name sake!

I saw this in another blog today. It just fits so well.

“It is a dreadful truth that the state of (as you say) ‘having to depend solely on God’ is what we all dread most. And of course that just shows how very much, how almost exclusively, we have been depending on things. But trouble goes so far back in our lives and is now so deeply ingrained, we will not turn to Him as long as He leaves us anything else to turn to.”

C. S. Lewis, Letters to an American Lady (Grand Rapids, 1967), page 47, italics his.


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