The Church

The greatest thing the local church can do is to fully realize the anointing and abilities God has placed in His leadership structure and then teach the people how to receive from them. The Elders of The Church have been specially anointed to be the outstretched arms of Christ to His people.

By The Elders fully realizing the potential and responsibility given to them in James 5:14-15 and the people fully realizing the ministry and healing made available to them by James 5:14-15: The Body of Christ can walk in DIVINE HEALING AND HEALTH.

The leadership and ministry structure of The Local church, when in place, IN FAITH, is greater than the most powerful Nuclear Power Plant in the world.  Like the structures that contain the power in the plant enables an enormous amount of power to be made available to a city and region: The structures of the local church operating in and under The Power of God with all her gifts and anointing in full operation, make a limitless amount of power available to a city and region.

The Local Church operating in her full potential is equal to the anointing and power that Jesus operated in during His earthly ministry. Now add The Anointed Evangelist to the mix and you have GODS structure to seek and save the lost, and make disciples of ALL MEN.

Randy Furco


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