Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Kenneth E. Hagin - The Devil is Under My Feet

Do you think?

Do you think, when The Father knows there is only a few years left of this age, He will allow us to continue as usual, especially in The Western Church? Do you think He will allow His resources to be used questionably here while pastors and missionaries strive to save lives and feed children across the rest of the planet? Do you think He will shrug off Kingdom Finances being used for luxury, while evangelist in dangerous and dark nations wonder where the next supply will come from?? Do you think he will continue to allow charlatans and fools to profane His name and play games with His Word, while the nations starve for THE TRUTH? Dig into The Lord with these questions..and see what He says. Again, only your heart can answer these.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Midnight Cry

As watchman on the wall there will come a day, and I believe that day now is, that we will have to sound the cry. What cry?? That it is time to put down all the building tools, all the hammers, saws and pitch spreaders. That it is time to pick up the harvesting tools, put the harvesters in the field, and gather as many as we can into The ARK before The Lord shuts the door and the Age of Grace is no more!! That day will come! The day where building programs will end, that the push to modernize and beautify The Barns and Arks will end. The day is upon us where all earthly possessions will be of no worth and the cry will go out to sell all unnecessary things in order to give to the harvest effort. The question is; Will The Watchman be bold enough to call what they see from the wall, and is the church unconnected enough from this world and earthly goods to listen and PREPARE!!! Get ready for the call is coming, will we hear it?

Randy Furco

The Midnight Cry by Maria Woodworth Etter

Hark!! the cry comes ringing high;
Now the Bridegroom cometh nigh.
Have your lamps all trimmed and bright,
Hearts made holy in His sight.
Joyful raise your minds above,
Fixed upon The Lord of Love.
Hark!!! the WARNING soundeth high,
Listen to The Midnight Cry!!
(In singing, repeat last two lines)

Raise the shout of victory,
Glory to the coming King:
Joy to all the Saints He brings,
Join the songs which angels sing:
Shout aloud the Victor’s praise;
We shall see Him face to face,
Hark the WARNING soundeth high,
Listen to The Midnight Cry.
(In singing, repeat last two lines)

Hail Him, then, the pierced LAMB,
Sacred wounds in side and palm;
Worship Him, with holy joy,
Praise Him without sins alloy.
Saints that sleep, soon He will bring,
Heaven’s anthem they shall sing;
Glory to The LORD on high,