I am weeping as I write this. I fear for The Body of Christ when we have more faith in doctors and pills than in the healing virtue and love of Christ. I am certainly not against doctors or medicine. I go to the doctors and take medicine.

But, when a vision is cast to go into the highways and by-ways to bring in those in most need of a physicians to be Healed by Christ, and it is somehow considered "extreme'" to believe that Jesus may actually heal them miraculously, we have fallen so far.

In the gospels they brought the sick from cities all around to be healed by Jesus and all were healed. In ACTS they brought the sick from cities all around and all were healed.

So yes, I am an extremist, I really believe that Jesus can still heal a body and soul miraculously, in an instant, without a doctors help or a pill. I believe that Jesus is greater than the devils and the pain that has caused so many so much torment. If that makes me an extremist. The I am proud to say! I am an extremist!

YES! I believe that if the devil can stain a soul by a foul act of sin while a person is just a child and set their life down a path of addiction and abuse. That JESUS CHRIST can bring an instant healing and undo all the Devil has done! If that makes me an extremist...Then tattoo that label on my forehead because I am proud of it.

And if believing that the reason the church doesn't exert more power over the deeds of the enemy and doesn't set more of those that are trapped in deep darkness free is BECAUSE WE HAVE MORE FAITH IN DOCTORS AND PILLS THAN WE HAVE IN JESUS, makes me an extremist then put me right down with all those people that dared to believe that if they brought their sick from all around and laid them at the feet of Jesus, He would heal them instantly and completely.

Put me with the extremist Jesus who set the madman free that had the legion..Today that man would be locked in a cell and filled with drugs, because it is extreme to think somebody so bound could be freed in a moment, by Jesus.

Put me with the extremist father that dared to believe that Jesus could heal his son from seizures and a devil that would caused him to try and kill himself. How dare he believe such a thing. Today that boy would be ramp on pills and sitting in an institution under medical care somewhere. And that is if these poor folk were in a western country with medical care.

Matter of fact every Apostle and Prophet of The Bible was an extremist I guess. All the accounts in the Gospels were actions of silly extremist. All the miracles of Jesus, extreme. All the healing and miracles in The Book of ACTS, just things performed by uneducated, foolish extremist that didn't have the medical knowledge and wisdom we have today.

I hope any one that reads this gets my point. We better start believing in The REAL POWER of God. Not something we pray about,sing about and talk about. I mean the Power of The Gospel, The REAL Power of The Blood! The REAL Power of The WORD!

Now listen, you need a doctor, go to one. If your kid needs a doctor go to one. The church isn't a medical complex and we are not doctors. Let the doctors take care of the natural, let us focus on believing that Jesus can still heal, so there is no need for the pill anymore.

Come LORD Jesus COME!


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