This Can Be YOUR City!!!

This is an exhortation I wrote for the church that I attend in the city I live in.
However this can apply to YOUR church and YOUR City!
We are ONE BODY in Christ Jesus!:

Please confess this, with all your heart, from the deep place of FAITH,on behalf of our Body and The Body of Christ in CNY. It is time we begin to raise up one voice for The Body Of Christ in Syracuse and CNY. We can truly be a city set upon a hill, a city so filled with His Spirit, so full of His Light, that bars begin to close and drug dealers begin to move out! Can it be so? YES, YES,YES!! Only Believe! It will only happen by a great move of Gods Spirit on His Body. It will only happen by The Baptism of The Holy Spirit spreading throughout The Body, causing an increase of salvations and power like we have never seen before!! Do you truly believe? Stop waiting!! Start pressing,stirring and acting! Praise God! Praise Jesus!

We ask you Father in Jesus name to make the above vision real. Show us our part in making this happen. Show us our part in bringing in a harvest like this region has never seen. Stir those you have called to stand in the gap for this area to declare the impossible is possible and believe for miracles,signs and wonders to be released in the name of your Holy Son Jesus! We stand ready and willing to be flaming swords in YOUR HAND!

“We will not doubt the promises of God through unbelief and doubt! We will be strengthened in FAITH as we give glory and thanksgiving to God, because we know what He has promised HE is also willing AND able to perform!!!!!”

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