----------------------The LORDS HARVEST

For so long, so many have spent so much
Bringing in their own personal harvest and
Building their own personal kingdoms.

Much passion and thought has gone
Into stirring up fervor and faith for
A harvest of things, that have no eternal value.

IN times past The Lord has allowed His church
To exercise Kingdom principles in the pursuit of
Bringing in a harvest of these things.

But now He is calling us to bring in
His Harvest and build His Kingdom.

He is calling us to have the same passion
And fervor for the things He considers precious.
The things He paid a very high price for.

Oh how it hurts the heart of our LORD
To see His children having more passion
For things made of corruptible material,
Formed images of wood and hay, than
They do for the precious fruit that
He Shed His Own BLOOD FOR.
The creation that is formed and made in His own image.

The LORD is saying,
What about MY Harvest,
What about MY Fields,
What about MY precious fruit
That I long to save from the hand of MY enemy?

Let us not be found tending to our stuff with passion,
While turning a self-righteous,
Indifferent nose up to the very heart of
The Living God and our LORD Jesus Christ.
So many cry out for
The Greater Works
Miracles,Signs and Wonders
Not understanding, that without
The same compassion and Love
That Jesus showed to the outcast of society.
There will be no greater works.
To do the works of Jesus
We must have The Love
And Compassion of Jesus
For those who seem to deserve it the least.

He is very excited about HIS HARVEST coming in!
He is very excited about revealing His great LOVE through His Body!

We should be also.


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