The Whole Armor of God

I have on The Breastplate of Righteousness

I am in right standing with My Father and in Christ I am empowered
to walk and live in the benefits and responsibilities of being His child.

I have on the Helmet of Salvation.

I have been given The Mind of Christ.
I have a spirit of Strength,Love,Power and A Sound Mind!
My mind is a servant of my Born Again Spirit, thus a servant of God!

I hold in my hand The Sword of The Spirit!

The WORD OF GOD in my heart and spoken from my mouth
Is ALIVE and Powerful and able to bend the circumstances of my life, break every stronghold of the enemy, intercede for others effectively and open the doors of the nations to The Gospel of Christ!

My Feet are shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace!

I am ready in season and out of season to share The Gospel and Lift Up The Name Of Christ!
I am not ashamed of The Gospel of Christ and actively believe and expect that when the elect hear it they will respond!

I have on The Lion Belt of Truth

I will not tilt my ear to false doctrines,false spirits,false prophets or the lies and deceits of sin.
My Focus and Heart look only to The WORD of God as the final determination of Truth.
I am not moved by what I FEEL OR SEE.
I am not moved by signs,wonders or charisma
If it doesn't line up with THE WORD, I will have nothing to do with it!

I take up the Shield of Faith!

I am fully convinced and wholly persuaded that What The LORD has promised
He will also perform. That He will complete what He started.
He will perfect those things which concern me.
I can trust Him to the uttermost.


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