Limitations and Reward

During a walk in Gods awesome creation
The LORD revealed to me a great revelation

In the former picture shown here
I tried to press on, and overcome a fear

With my family I pressed on and fought
But my prayers and determination would come to naught

I reached a point that I could go no further
So to my sons I had to reveal,,a weakness in their father

But The LORD used this day to show me this revelation
That there is no shame in respecting, our natural limitations

However in the latter picture you see
Pressing on through discomfort, led us to victory

Pushing our bodies, and shaking off fear
We hiked the mountain, until night drew near

We almost turned back from on our journey to "the peak"
But we were steadfast..and victory, we did earnestly seek

And rewarded we were, to see the work of Gods Hand, this Day
Much more than we expected, we saw hundreds of miles away

But that is not all, and this you must know
You see on the drive to this place, we said atop these mountains, a fruit tree could not grow.

However atop this mountain, a lone fruit tree had grown
Full of fruit, and healthy, no telling how many decades ago it was sown

So even though at times, our limitations may arise
The LORD is not limited, and will always lift up our eyes

And show us His goodness,His Love and Wisdom
To remind us that The King of, His Glorious Kingdom.

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