Warriors on The Wall

As The Warriors gather on The Wall
With their weapons of warfare, to combat the effects of the fall

Armed with the armor of The Lord
Equipped with the things uncorrupted like, Faith,Wisdom,Love,The Holy Spirit and The WORD

They ready their weapons,sharpen their swords and begin to sing
Waiting patiently, for The Orders of The King

And even as the dark forces gather and advance
The King commands His Army to strengthen their stance

The King sends out His forces to take enemy land
Slowly but wisely, He moves His skillful hand

Now the enemy sees that his time is short
So he has his defeated forces attack and roar

He then makes and error, that will be the fall of his line
He attacks The Kings Wall, in the last moments of time

The King gives a shout for His Army to ready
But, does not allow the final shots to be fired, but commands them to stay steady

He waits for the fullness of time to be completed
And at His order and His will, the remnants of the enemies forces are defeated

For when He sends His warriors into the final conflict
They are fully supplied and abundantly equipped

And they advance with ease through the midst of the battle
Not one hair being touched, not one nerve rattled

As carriers of light they go forth in The World
Reaping THE FINAL harvest, for The LORD!


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