Unlock His Creation

So often we can tell where The LORD has hidden a great treasure
BY the time and effort the enemy uses to keep it covered

When you see a people that have been oppressed for generations
You may want to look deeper, beyond natural limitations

ASK this question, with a heart for The Lords will
What is the enemy trying to keep oppressed, what is he trying to still

What has The Lord deposited in this community or nation
That the enemy is so afraid of, that he has done all to quench the revelation

What is locked up in the culture that is oppressed
That causes the enemies forces to be so obsessed

This is the question that will bring freedom to many
Draw this answer out of THEM...and watch The LORD receive glory....

We have only scratched the surface of The Lords creative plan
How He has put His fingerprint in all the cultures of man.


  1. An intercessor's poem! Nice! :)

  2. I seems can get some answer from your blog. Thanks Lord that getting me in here to meet u. Glad to know u Bro. :)

  3. hello...
    interesting you blog congratulation

  4. hello...
    interesting you blog

  5. Hello Mr. Randy.
    For next time maybe we can discuss. Ur blog is so attracted for me, in content and in face. Till i've 2 bookmark ur blog.
    LORD is Greateful. Bless u.


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