And His Mercy endures Forever!!!!
Praise be to The Rock of Our Salvation
Our Lord and King, ruler of all Creation!!!
All The Earth is His, All Land, Air and Sea
He is an awesome God, who said "I shall do as I please"!!!!
Who is able to stand in His way?
Who can cause Jehovah's hand to be stayed?
Will man tell God, that His Word has failed?
Or can a defeated foe, stop even one scripture from being fulfilled?
Oh how awesome is Gods sovereign anointing.......
Nothing in the heavens or on earth, can stop it from flowing....
Gods power on earth to fulfill His plan
A power from the throne, that transcends the will of man...
For He has exalted His Word, even above His own Name!!!!!
And all of His Word will be fulfilled in the short time that remains!!!!!!
Open your eyes, Oh Church of The Most High!!!!
Your glorious redemption, draws nigh!!!!!!!


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